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Consultation Offer

Are you being or have you been sexually discriminated against, sexually harrassed, stalked, or bullied? Do you have other gender-specific concerns, including those related to being in a dependent relationship?

While "Women's Office" and "Women's Representative" seem to clearly address a specific group of people, we are more than happy to advise people of all genders on these topics. 

We provide support in both English and German. Please do not hesitate to contact us, regardless of your German-language level.

All matters are treated confidentially. 

Your first contact point is the Women's Representative of your faculty. Here are their contact details. 

Information and Consultation Services

The Women's Representatives of the University of Bamberg are responsible for all matters relating to the topic of "women and university." 

The Women's Representatives provide information on the status of and current initiatives toward gender equality at the University of Bamberg. They offer consultations and advice to both research groups and individuals on topics such as:

  • Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Bullying
  • Stalking
  • The Legal Protection of Working and Studying Mothers
  • Work–Life Balance for Students and Researchers
  • Funding Opportunities for Female Early-Career Researchers
  • Career and Advancement Options
  • Gender Equality Work within Research Institutes
  • Statistics on Gender Equality at the University of Bamberg
  • Reports on Gender Equality Work at the University of Bamberg
  • The Legal Framework of Gender Equality Work

If we are unable to adequately provide expertise for your specific request, the Women's Representatives and the Women's Office will strive to connect you with an appropriate contact person.

Of course, all consultations take place in a confidential, safe environment.