Bettina Paetzold Award for Good Gender Education

It is the responsibility of the Women's Representative to promote research and teaching within the field of gender studies. For this reason, the University-wide Women's Representatives created an award at the end of Genderjahr 2016 for outstanding teaching in the field of gender studies. Gender equality work only benefits from the results of research when the key findings of gender research are conveyed to students. 

All lecturers at the University of Bamberg can be nominated. Nominations can be submitted by all students of the University of Bamberg and the Dean of Studies from all faculties. The Women's Affairs Advisory Board selects potential award winners from these nominations, and those nominees can then apply with a statement on their teaching. 

Lecturers must be nominated by June 2022! 

Please send an email with a brief explanation of the nomination to: frauenbeauftragte (at)

Award Namesake

From 1989 to 1991, PD Dr. Bettina Paetzold was the first woman to serve as a Women's Representative at the University of Bamberg. She also researched and taught on topics of gender studies, including role models in children's literature and the compatibility of motherhood and work. CV Bettina Paetzold(277.4 KB, 2 pages)

Award Winners


  • Daniel Mayerhoffer, research assistant of Political Theory with the seminar „Striving for Gender Equality - Contributions of Positive Political Theory“


  • Dr. Gundula Zoch, postdoc in the department of Educational Decisions and Social Inequality, Migration, Returns to Education at the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi) with the seminar „Ungleichheit und Sozialstruktur: Soziale Ungleichheit in der Nutzung familienpolitischer Leistungen"


  • Lena Janneck, research assistant of Old Testament Studies with the seminar “Ich will eine Tat vollbringen, von der man noch in fernsten Zeiten den Kindern unseres Volkes erzählen wird. (Jdt 8,32) - Frauen im Alten Testament“ 


  • Dr. phil. Corina Erk, lecturer of Literature and Media with the seminar “Die Fernsehserie: Geschichte, Theorie, Narration“ 

  • Dipl.-Päd. Fabian Hemmerich, research assistant of Early Childhood Education with the seminar “Theoretische Grundlagen der Elementar- und Familienpädagogik: Kindheit, Erziehung und Geschlecht“ 


  • Nanine Lilla, lecturer of Primary Education with the seminar "Gendersensibler Sachunterricht" 

Reports on the award ceremonies can be found on our blog (in German).