Nurturing a diverse culture is at the heart of the work of the Women's Representatives. For this reason, the Women's Representatives strive to summarize tips on using gender-neutral language and to advance research and teaching in gender studies.

Important areas of focus for the Women's Representatives at the University of Bamberg are:

Gender-Neutral Language Usage

So that we all speak the same language, the Women's Representatives have put together a list of tips and additional information to help the university community make gender-neutral language choices.

GENIAL Project

Focusing on gender-sensitive research, this project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Gender Research Forum

The Gender Research Forum is a lecture series by the Women's Representatives which focuses on current research trends in gender studies.

Publications Archive

Many research papers related to gender studies have been published through or with the support of the Women's Representatives of the University of Bamberg. 

Bettina Paetzold Award

Named after the first Women's Representative of the University of Bamberg, this award recognizes outstanding teaching related to gender studies.

Teaching Gender & Diversity

It has never been easier to create or find courses related to gender studies at the University of Bamberg. 

VHB Online module

A course on gender and diversity is taught on an ongoing basis through the VHB.