Application and Admission


Admission to the master’s degree programme in Education in Business and Information Systems generally requires that an applicant already hold a completed university or equivalent degree in the same major, or a closely related one, with a grade average equivalent to the German 2.7 or better.

Related degree programmes include all those in Economics, as well as Computer Science, Applied Computer Science and Industrial Engineering.

In individual cases, the examination board takes the final decision on whether or not a degree programme may be deemed to be related.

    90 ECTS-Points or 120 ECTS-Points ("Bridging Course")

    Applicants who have previously completed an undergraduate degree comprising at least 210 ECTS-Points (7 semesters) may be admitted to a 3-semester, 90-ECTS master’s programme in Education in Business and Information Systems. In accordance with the rulings of the Standing Conference of the State Ministers of Education and the Arts (KMK), 300 ECTS-Points are required for a master’s degree.

    If you have completed a 6-semester degree programme, we will arrange for an additional bridging course that is tailored to your prior experience and knowledge. In this way, we can ensure that your master’s degree from the University of Bamberg meets the requirements laid out by the KMK and that it qualifies you to continue your academic pursuits in a doctoral programme.

    A bridging course can also be helpful if you completed your undergraduate degree in a programme outside of Economics or Computer Science, as it offers a perspective for aligning your existing knowledge with the entry requirements for the University of Bamberg master’s programme. This also applies in cases where an undergraduate degree programme comprised 7 semesters.


    Please be aware that the admission procedure can take several weeks. You should therefore apply as early as possible in order to allow sufficient time for planning your studies. We recommend that you observe the following application deadlines:

    Studies beginning in the winter semester

    • Recommended application deadline: no later than 31st of August

    Studies beginning in the summer semester

    • Recommended application deadline: no later than 28th of February

    Foreign applicants not currently residing in Germany should, if possible, apply earlier in order to leave ample time for language aptitude tests, entry and visa formalities, and also for moving and becoming acquainted with the new culture and academic environment.

    Application Documents

    Your completed application must include the following documentation:

    • Certification of having successfully passed the examination for, or otherwise meeting the general or restricted university entry qualification
    • Verification of a completed university degree (If final transcripts are not yet available at the time of application, they can be submitted later. This however does not apply to foreign applicants; see below.)
    • Documentation of courses and examinations completed within the scope of the first degree (e.g. a transcript of records, or transcript of current achievement)
    • For foreign applicants: Certificates giving proof of your German language proficiency, at least of level B2, along with a copy of your identity card or passport. 
    • Where applicable: professional credentials/references, certificates from professional and continuing educational programmes

    Please complete the Office of the Registrar’s online Application for Admission.

    Where do I send my application?

    Domestic Applicants
    If you earned your higher education entry qualification at a German school, please send your application documents, including a hard copy of the online application, to the  Office of the Dean, Faculty of Information Systems and Applied Computer Science, An der Weberei 5, 96047 Bamberg

    Foreign Applicants
    If you did not earn your higher education entry qualification at a German school, please send your application to the Registration Office

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