PUSh Award Winners

The Award of the University Women's Representatives for the Outstanding Achievement of Female Students (PUSh for short) was first awarded in 2007 and is intended to encourage women to continue their academic careers. Of the female graduates who apply, a total of three are awarded prizes. 

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Previous Winners


Hannah Deininger, Master Computing in the Humanities
Master's Thesis: "Inductive Logic Programming Theories as Explanations for Image Classification: How Number and Semantic Distance of Contrasting Classes Influence Explanation Complexity"

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Ute Schmid, Johannes Rabold M.Sc. (July 2019)

Also nominated in 2020 for the faculty of WIAI:

- Bettina Finzel, Master Applied Computer Science, Topic: "Explanation-guided Constraint Generation for an Inverse Entailment Algorithm" (Supervised by Ute Schmid, in the BMBF project Transparent Medical Expert Companion September 2019) and

- Kristina Prümer, Master Computing in the Humanities, Topic: "A Cognitive Tutor Generating Error-Specific Feedback for English Grammar Learning" (Supervised Ute Schmid, December 2019)

Jahr 2019

Nataliia Plotnikova, Master Applied Computer Science
Master's Thesis: "Application of Neuronal Network for Irradiance Prediction for Solar Plants"

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Ute Schmid, Johannes Rabold M.Sc., Siemens AG


Christina Zeller, Master Applied Computer Science
Master's thesis: "Automatic generation of analogue examples from debugging traces".

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Ute Schmid


Janina Kettenbohrer, Master Information Systems
Master's thesis: "Influence of governance structures on the success of company-wide business process standardisation".

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Tim Weitzel


Olga Yanenko, Master Applied Computer Science
Master's thesis: "Fashion-Recommender: A knowledge-based approach for recommendations based on object similarity".

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Christoph Schlieder


Li Xiang, Information Systems
Diploma thesis: "Development of a company-specific reference model for after-sales service in the cosmetics industry".

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Elmar Sinz


Eva Wiese, Psychology
Diploma thesis: "'As much as necessary' or 'as much as possible'? - Inference and schema generalisation in analogue reasoning".

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Ute Schmid