ESF Research Project "Alumnae Tracking"


Objectives and Project description

Funding period: 01.10.2012 - 31.03.2015

"Alumnae Tracking" considers life and career paths of women of the Faculty of Information Systems and Applied Computer Science at the Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg. We compare the lives of female students and graduates with biographies of male fellow students / graduates, who share similar demographic characteristics and study courses.

In addition to objective criteria such as personal responsibility and income, also subjective criteria like life satisfaction and work-life balance are charged. 

The aim of the project is to obtain information for which reasons the career paths of men and women in the field of computer science run differently.

In order to capture the extent to what the professional and personal goals are achieved (from study until work), the survey of students and alumni is carried out at three points of time. 

In this way, changes in the study success, in the professional position and in the life planning are detected. Influencing facors are explored and as a result, study conditions ,-inputs and -contents can be adapted afterwards if necessary.

In addition, about 50 companies of different size of enterprise are included in the study and asked for their corporate culture as well as the career and work-life balance measures. This enables differentiated statements about the working conditions in the area of ​​Computer Science and allows us to make comparisons in order to investigate to what extent the support measures offered by the parties at the workplace comply with the wishes of the young professionals.

In this way the surveyed companies obtain a benchmark in terms of their attractiveness as an employer as well as valuable suggestions for the management of recruiting and career development strategies. At the same time, the survey also sheds light on which demands are made by the companies to their young professionals, e.g. in regard to temporal and spatial flexibility as well as local availability.

The project aims to contribute to the need for new specialists in the STEM professions and thus shall counter the lack of skills.

Survey method

The interesting and new about the study lies in the choice of methods. The matching with male graduates, who feature comparable characteristics regarding age, school grades, course, semester abroad, internships, language skills, final grade, etc. establishes new insights into the cause of the gender gap in employability of students and reasons can be identified. 

Data are gathered through questionnaires.
About 50 small, medium and large companies are included proportionally in the survey.


Project funding

The project "Alumnae tracking” is financially supported by the European Social Fund ( ESF) and the Bavarian State Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Family and Integration. It is a project of the funding activity 11. Projects included in this funding area target to increase the number of women in leadership positions and future-oriented professions.


Project Management

Prof. Dr. Ute Schmid, Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg

Project Staff

Silvia Förtsch
An der Weberei 5 (Erba)
Raum WE5/02.112
Tel.: 0951 / 863-2867
E-Mail: silvia.foertsch(at) 

Anja Gärtig-Daugs
An der Weberei 5 (Erba)
Raum WE5/02.112
Tel.: 0951 / 863-1236



Collaborative project gender disparities in work and career paths of female mathematicians and physicists within and outside classical models of employment

Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg
Interdisciplinary Centre for Women's and Gender Studies
University of Bielefeld 

Women for the IT Industry
University of Passau
Research project at the Department of International Management

HIS- Institute for Research on Higher Education





Schmid, Ute, Gärtig - Daugs, Anja , Förtsch, Silvia . Introverted male students, hardworking female students ? - Gender differences in motivation, satisfaction and perception-patterns of Computer Science students. [Article published in: Computer Science Spectrum, German: Informatik Spektrum].

Talks and presentations

Presentation: DO, 05/22/2014 , Room: WE 5.013 (laboratory Schmid ) 10:30 a.m, Verena Pfeiffer
Family and Work: Operational measures to reconcile work and care [Presentation in German]

Presentation: MI, 06/04/2014 , Room: WE 5.013 (laboratory Schmid ) 10:30 a.m, Silvia Förtsch
Gender disparities in self-concepts by the example of male Computer Scientists and female Computer Scientists [Presentation in German]

Presentation: DO 06/26/2014 , Room: WE 5.013 (laboratory Schmid) 10:00 a.m, Förtsch , Gärtig-Daugs, Schmid
Gender-specific determinants of career aspirations and development in computer science

Presentation: Fri 11/07/2014 , Room: WE 5.013 (laboratory Schmid) 10:00 a.m, Bettina Finzel
Application of structural equation modeling in gender research [Presentation in German]

Schmid ,U. ( 2013). Professional Careers of female Computer Scientists - expectations and experiences. Liesel Beckmann Symposium 2013. [Talk in German]

Förtsch , S. ( 2013). Workshop. Genderstereotypes : Theoretical aspects. Liesel Beckmann Symposium 2013. [Workshop in German]

Förtsch , S. ( 2013). Workshop. Gender disparities in self-perception and the awareness of others by the example of Computer Scientists. Liesel Beckmann Symposium 2013. [Workshop in German]

Gärtig-Daugs, A. ( 2013). The image of Computer Science and Computer Science students: awareness of others and self-perception. Liesel Beckmann Symposium 2013. [Talk in German]

Schmid , U. (2013) More girls in Computer Science --well then?
Measures for the recovery of pupils and observations on women in
study and in profession (Soroptimists Bamberg-Kundigunde , November 25, 2013). [Talk in German]

Poster Presentations

The influence of self-efficacy beliefs and self-assessment of professional skills on scientific career aspirations of computer scientists; posterpresentation at the Gender Summit 7 Europe 2015, Berlin, November 6-7th.

Poster of the symposium Landshut goes Gender on 25.10.2013.


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