Awards and research awards

Minerva Informatics Equality Award

9. Oktober 2018: Won the „Minerva Informatics Equality Award.

The University of Bamberg is the first university in the German-speaking region to receive the "Minerva Informatics Equality Award".

Official Press release (Stand: 10.10.2018)



  • Prof. Dr. Ute Schmid, Kognitive Systeme, receives the Rainer-Markgraf-Prize in 2020 from the Rainer Markgraf Foundation of the same name to honor your committed knowledge transfer between the university, research and educational institutions.

    Press release from 05.10.2020

Habilitation prizes

  • Habilitation award of the Hans Löwel Foundation 2014: Prof. Dr. Daniel Beimborn, Modularity and Relationality in Information Systems Research: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives on Outsourcing and Service Orientation.

Promotion Prizes

  • Dissertation Award of the Universitätsbund 2020: Teena Hassan, Towards Robust and Interpretable Practical Applications of Automatic Mental State Analysis Using a Dynamic and Hybrid Facial ction Estimation Approach.
    PhD award of the University Association 2019: Dr. Stefan Kolb, On the Portability of Applications in Platform as a Service.
    Bavarian Culture Prize of Bayernwerk AG, 2019: Dr. Christoph Weinert, Coping with the Dark Side of Information Technology - Theoretical Foundation and Empirical Evidence.
  • PhD award of the Hans Löwel Foundation 2016: Dr. Christian Maier, Dissertation: Technostress: Theoretical foundation and empirical evidence.
    University PhD award 2015: Dr. Stephan M. Scheele, Model and Proof Theory of Constructive ALC, Constructive Description Logics.
    Schmalenbach Prize 2015: Dr. Christian Maier, Dissertation: Technostress. Theoretical foundation and empirical evidence.
    Runner-up MINT Excellence PhD Award 2015: Dr. Christian Maier.
    Runner-up dissertation award of the CSCW section of the Society for Informatics (GI-CSCW) and the International Institute for Socio-Informatics (IISI) 2015: Dr. Christian Maier.
  • University PhD award 2013: Dr. Nils Joachim, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA): An Empirical Evaluation of Characteristics, Adoption Determinants, Governance Mechanisms, and Business Impact in the German Service Industry.
    AIS Special Interest Group-Adoption and Diffusion of IT DIGIT 2013 Doctoral Award: Dr. Christian Maier.
    University doctoral award 2012: Dr. Sven Laumer, Resistance to IT-inducted Change- Theoretical Foundation and Empirical Evidence.
    Culture Prize Bavaria of E.ON Bayern AG 2012: Dr. Andreas Schönberger, Dissertation: The CHORCH Approach: How to Model B2Bi Choreographies for Orchestration Execution.

  • Bavaria-wide award for good teaching 2015: Dr. Sven Laumer.
  • Student Travel Award 2015: Dr. Jörg Lenhard. (8th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing, New York, USA).
  • Prize for good teaching of the faculty WIAI 2015: Dr. Sven Laumer.
  • IFIP Outstanding Service Award: Prof. Dr. Gross (2015, Tampere, Finland).
  • Best Presentation Award 2014: Dr. Jörg Lenhard (Central European Workshop on Services and their Composition, Potsdam, Germany).
  • Prize for good teaching from the University of Bamberg 2013: Matthias Wolf.

Awards for bachelor and master theses in cooperation with companies

  • Matthias Delfs, Master's thesis: "Forecasting in the Supply Chain with Machine Learning Techniques", 2019 (Professorship for Applied Computer Science, especially Cognitive Systems).
  • Marina Jobst, Master thesis: Sequence-based prediction of purchase intention based on clickstream data, 2018 (Professorship for Applied Computer Science, especially Cognitive Systems).
  • Liliane Ableitner, Master's thesis: Technology acceptance in personal information systems, 2016 (Chair for Business Informatics, especially Energy Efficient Systems).
  • Philipp Neugebauer, Master's thesis: Evaluation of Different Cloud Based Multi-Tenancy Database Models and Performance Indicated Measurement of Practical Implementations, 2016 (Chair of Information Systems, especially Information Systems in the Service Sector)
  • André Pieger, Master's thesis: Possible uses of the Kanban method in IT incident management, 2016.
  • Konstantin Hopf, Master thesis: Development and evaluation of characteristics for household classification from data from intelligent electricity meters, 2015 (Chair for Business Informatics, especially energy-efficient systems).
  • Janina Kettenbohrer, Master's thesis: Influence of governance structures on the success of company-wide business process standardization - analysis of the FAR + role concept at Lufthansa Technik AG, 2014 (Chair of Business Informatics, in particular information systems in the service sector).
  • Matthias Linhardt, Master's thesis: Conception and exemplary implementation of an assistance system for a content management system, 2013 (Professorship for Applied Computer Science, especially cognitive systems).
  • Christophe Quignon, Bachelor thesis: Usability conception of a web application in the area of ​​content management systems, 2012 (professorship for applied computer science, especially cognitive systems).

The University Women's Representative's Prize for Students with Outstanding Achievement (PUSh for short) was first awarded in 2007 and is intended to encourage women to continue their academic careers. A total of three of the graduates who apply will be awarded.

  • Nataliia Plotnikova, Master thesis: "Application of Neuronal Network for Irradiance Prediction for Solar Plants", 2019 (Professorship for Applied Computer Science, esp. Cognitive Systems).
  • Christina Zeller, Master's thesis: "Automatic generation of analog examples from debugging traces", 2016 (Professorship for Applied Computer Science, especially cognitive systems).
  • Janina Kettenbohrer, Master's thesis: Influence of governance structures on the success of company-wide business process standardization - Analysis of the FAR + role concept at Lufthansa Technik AG, 2014 (Chair for Business Informatics, especially information systems in service areas).
  • Olga Yanenko, Studiengang Angewandte Informatik, Master's thesis: "Fashion Recommender: A knowledge-based approach for recommendations based on object similarity", 2010 (Chair for Applied Computer Science in the Cultural, History and Geosciences).
  • Li Xiang, Studiengang Wirtschaftsinformatik, Diploma thesis: "Development of a company-specific reference model for after-sales service in the cosmetics industry", 2009 (Prof. Dr. Elmar Sinz).
  • Eva Wiese, Diploma thesis: "As much as necessary" or "as much as possible"? - Inference and schema generalization in analogue reasoning ", 2008 (Professorship for Applied Computer Science, especially Cognitive Systems).



The Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, in cooperation with the project group "Family-Friendly University", awards the FRITZI! Prize annually, honoring good theses from studying parents at the University of Bamberg who have successfully combined studies and raising children.

  • Sandra Blechinger, Bachelor thesis: Transfer barriers as a component of information and knowledge management - literature analysis and development of a regulatory framework, 2017 (chair for business informatics, especially social networks).