Bamberg Business Informatics: Always top results in the CHE ranking

CHE Ranking 2020: Once again top ratings for Bamberg's business informatics

Business informatics ten times in the top group

In 2020, Bamberg's business informatics department was again able to confirm its top position in the CHE ranking. Bamberg's business informatics division reached the top group in ten out of twelve categories:The bachelor's and master’s degree programs are pioneers in terms of the general study situation (grade 1.7), the range of courses, the organization of the studies, the supervision of the students by the lecturers, the support during studies, for stays abroad, the libraries and premises as well as the offers for professional orientation and science.

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Staake, who is in charge of the CHE ranking for this subject, is delighted with the excellent result: “Bamberg Business Informatics has once again defended its top position in the CHE ranking. Such a result can only be achieved when professorships, junior staff and students work together excellently. My thanks go in particular to the large number of excellent students who make a significant contribution to the friendly and performance-oriented atmosphere and thus create a climate in which research, teaching, learning and living are brilliant and reflect the excellent career opportunities of the graduates. Bamberg's business informatics department already took first place in the previous CHE ranking.

Full press release available at: Top-Bewertungen für internationale Studiengänge und Bestnoten für Wirtschaftsinformatik (05.05.2020)

CHE Master's Ranking 2020: Bamberg Business Informatics Takes 1st Place

The ranking by the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE) divides the results from the 2020 master's student survey into eight categories - from courses offered to the supervision and study situation to study abroad. The evaluation is based on the school grading system. The Bamberg Master's program in Business Information Systems achieved very good ratings everywhere. With top scores between 1.3 and 1.6 in the eight categories, it is once again at the top of the list in Germany and thus achieves a result that is far above the average of other universities. Prof. Dr. Thorsten Staake, who is in charge of the CHE ranking for this subject, is pleased with the excellent result: "Once again, the CHE ranking identifies Bamberg Business Informatics as an excellent location for training digitization experts. We owe this distinction to a performance- and team-oriented atmosphere and thus to a climate in which it is brilliant to research, teach, learn, and live. Bamberg combines the best study conditions and excellent career opportunities with a very high quality of life." Among other things, students rate their teachers, the quality of the courses, the international orientation and the possibility of individual, subject-specific focus as excellent.

Full press release available at: CHE-Masterranking: Bamberger Wirtschaftsinformatik bestätigt ihre Spitzenposition (21.12.2020)

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CHE Ranking 2017: First place for Bamberg's business informatics

Both the bachelor's and master's degree programs in the business informatics department at the University of Bamberg performed extremely well in the 2017 CHE university ranking. The results of the master’s student survey show that the Bamberg business informatics master’s top marks in four of five possible categories and shares the top position in the ranking with the University of Paderborn. "The excellent result is an outstanding success, which makes the high quality level of our business IT courses impressively visible", explains Prof. Dr. Frithjof Grell, (former editor's note) Vice President for Teaching and Students at the University of Bamberg.

The ranking of the Center for University Development divides the results from the 2017 master’s student survey into 13 indicators - from the range of courses to the supervision and study situation to the IT equipment. The Bamberg master’s course in business informatics achieves very good grades everywhere, which are well above average compared to other universities. “The CHE ranking shows Bamberg as an excellent university for the training of digitization experts in Germany, and not only for the master’s but also at the bachelor’s level and for our consecutive course. In Bamberg, the best study conditions meet excellent career opportunities and a high quality of life, ”says Prof. Dr. Thorsten Staake, holder of the chair for business informatics, especially energy-efficient systems. He is in charge of the CHE ranking for business informatics.

In the sub-category “Placement of internships abroad”, the difference to the mean is particularly clear: with a 1.5 it is clearly ahead of other universities (2.3). “Supporting stays abroad is particularly important to us; good relationships with well-known companies pave the way for our students, ”says Staake, classifying the pleasing result. The students gave the courses consistently high grades with values ​​between 1.2 (options for setting individual specialist areas of focus in the course) and 1.4 (for example for the international orientation of the courses).

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08.12.2017: Erster Platz für die Bamberger Wirtschaftsinformatik

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