Outstanding student ratings in the CHE ranking

In the 2018 student survey, a part of the CHE evaluation, Bamberg's computer science department scored excellently: it achieved very good marks in two thirds of the indicators. This popularity is particularly evident in the overall assessment of the study situation, which received a school grade of 1.6 - while the average value for all universities surveyed was 2.1. Computer science also occupies top positions with its range of courses (1.8), its support for studying abroad (1.8) or its academic feasibility (1.6). (to the ZEIT Campus website).

Virtual further education course in business informatics – VAWi

Brief description

Business informatics deals with company and inter-company information and communication systems (information systems for short) in business and administration as well as, with increasing penetration, in private households. Business informatics focuses on the relationship between people, tasks and technology. Information systems are socio-technical systems in which people and machines perform tasks in a cooperative manner. Business informatics therefore faces major tasks in the area of ​​the development and application of theories, concepts, models, methods and tools for the analysis, design and use of these information systems. Here, approaches from business administration, partly from economics and computer science, are not only integrated, but also expanded and supplemented with their own approaches. In addition, information and communication technologies always have an impact on society, which is also the focus of business informatics.

Short profile

Brief profile of the course

final exam

Master's examination (accompanying the course)

TitleMaster of Science (M.Sc.)
ECTS-Points90 | 120
Start of studiespossible for winter and summer semesters
Type of study

extra-occupational part-time study

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Accreditation and system accreditation

The system accreditation of the University of Bamberg has been successfully completed since June 2019 when the ACQUIN accreditation commission established that all requirements have been met. Since then, quality assurance of the courses has been the responsibility of the University of Bamberg.

The business informatics distance learning course was last accredited by ASIIN in 2010. For the students, this means that the course with its structures and content meets the quality criteria required by the Accreditation Council. All courses of study at the WIAI Faculty are currently in the process of re-accreditation or initial accreditation.

Further information on all accreditation processes can be found in the QM ServiceNet.