The University of Bamberg’s Student Services

University Athletics

The university is an elite-sports partner. Staying active and meeting new people is not a problem with the University of Bamberg’s athletics programme. Students are offered a broad spectrum of athletic work-outs in categories like fitness and health, dance, team sports, racquet sports, martial arts and many more.

Family-Friendly University

The university has been certified family-friendly since 2005, and child care and various other support programmes are available to parents.

Student Societies and Organizations

The University of Bamberg boasts a wide range of active student societies and organizations. The faculties’ students’ unions, as representatives of students’ concerns, are the largest of these, but there are also groups dedicated to specific topics like economics, politics, international exchange or university radio – for almost any field of interest there is a corresponding organization.

Semester Ticket

Since the winter semester of 2004/05, a semester ticket for unlimited use of public transport and park-and-ride facilities in the city and administrative district of Bamberg has been available to students. The semester ticket is valid throughout the semester, as well as during semester breaks.

More information about the Semester Ticket.