Initiatives of the Faculty

The WIAI Faculty has a number of initiatives and societies that offer various activities which students can get involved in. It is this student involvement that makes it possible for these societies to realize their respective programmes and create a useful offering for all the faculty’s students.

WIAI Students’ Union

The students’ union is the official students’ representative committee in the WIAI faculty. It is set up as an initial contact point for students, it provides assistance in all faculty-related academic matters, and it also offers help in solving problems of everyday student life.

Seven students are elected to the students’ union as representatives, but volunteers interested in getting involved in the faculty’s student issues are always welcome.

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The is in charge of organizing the WIAI faculty’s alumni affairs. The primary goal of this registered association is the promotion of contact and sharing of experience between the faculty’s graduates, instructors and students. The community is always happy to welcome new members who are interested in getting involved during the course of their studies.

Originating from a project initiated by a number of Information Systems students and one Business Administration and Management student in the year 2000,, with over 70 members, is currently one of the University of Bamberg’s largest and most active student organizations. In keeping with the organization’s stated objective, “Easing and shaping communication and student life in Bamberg,” provides information and organizes events pertaining to all aspects of student life in Bamberg. The organization is always on the lookout for students dedicated to contributing to and further developing

Youth Outreach Projects

MUT – Mädchen und Technik (Girls and Technology), Girls'Day, BIT and make IT: The WIAI faculty is making an active endeavour to reach out to the younger generation by organizing a variety of projects and events specifically aimed at school-age children and young people. These activities, which are led by Bamberg students, are targeted towards different age groups, and they even offer pupils in the 7th and 8th forms hands-on introductory workshops on topics pertaining to Information Systems (e.g. “How does an intranet-based application work?”) and Computer Science (e.g. programming and operating Lego robots).

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