LaTeX is a very powerful typesetting tool that is widely used in the scientific field and makes writing scientific work much easier. Especially in the field of computer science LaTeX is indispensable for many. LaTeX is free software that can be used on all operating systems.

LaTeX tutorial for beginners

The Fachschaft WIAI offers an introductory tutorial in LaTeX at the beginning of each semester in cooperation with Professor Krieger.

The tutorial is aimed at beginners who have never worked with LaTeX before. However, it can also be used to refresh knowledge from long ago.

The tutorial is free of charge and no programming knowledge is required.

The slides and tasks of our latest tutorial can be found in the LaTeX VC course.

LaTeX tutorial for term papers and thesis writing

Since the summer semester 2017 the student council offers a LaTeX tutorial every semester in cooperation with the university library. This tutorial deals specifically with the writing of theses with LaTeX. In particular also the literature administration with LaTeX (BibTeX & JabRef) is regarded.

Basic LaTeX knowledge is required.

This tutorial is free of charge.