Campus Human-centered AI Bamberg (MeKI)

Research profile

The Faculty Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences has been active in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) since its foundation in 2001. With nine professorships focusing on the fundamentals and applications of AI in research, teaching and transfer Bamberg is one of the largest and most prominent AI locations in Germany.

Research focusses on human-centric approaches has strong interdisciplinary relations to humanities, cultural studies, and economics.

Current focusses:

Explainable, interactive and reliable AI
AI Systems Engineering
Explainable Machine Learning
Cognitive Systems
Multimodal Intelligent Interaction(application deadline closed)
Smart Environments

Text Analysis and Understanding for Humanities, Social Sciences and Beyond ("TAU4HSB")
Fundamentals of Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Generation and Dialogue Systems(400.9 KB)(application deadline closed)

AI in Business
Computational Social Science and Artificial Intelligence(385.8 KB)(application deadline closed)
Information Systems, esp. AI Engineering in Companies

Other chairs/professorships with a strong AI connection
Media Informatics (Information Retrieval)
Mobile Systems (Sensor Data Processing)
Energy Efficient Systems
Computing in the Cultural Sciences
Human-Computer Interaction (Recommender)