The faculty grows - Announcements for professorships

Within the program Hightech Agenda Bayern, the University of Bamberg is going to fill seven professorships for Artificial Intelligence and twelve professorships for various areas of computer science at the Faculty of Information Systems & Applied Computer Sciences.

Within the Artificial Intelligence program, the Faculty invites applications for the following positions:

Official call for professorships within the framework of the Hightech Agenda Bayern:

Applied Computer Science

  • Professorship - Information Visualisation(128.2 KB)  (Application deadline closed)
  • Professorship - Computer Graphics and its Foundations (official call for professorship soon)
  • Professorship - User Experience and Design (official call for professorship soon)
  • Professorship - Web Technologies (official call for professorship soon)

Computer Science

  • Professorship - Practical Computer Science, esp. Systems Programming(129.1 KB)(Application deadline closed)
  • Professorship - Algorithms and Complexity Theory (official call for professorship soon)
  • Professorhip - Practical Computer Science, esp. Programming Languages and Methodology  (official call for professorship soon)
  • Professorship - Data Engineering (official call for professorship soon)

Business Informatics