KulturPLUS: Teacher Education Centred on Culture

The humanities provide unique insights into the world, further the development of expertise in communications and operations, and promote cultural advancement. The broad spectrum of scientific disciplines and teaching methodology departments in the humanities offer a multi-faceted education of skills related to culture. KulturPLUS takes up on this potential and supports interdisciplinary approaches to culture-related education in order to enable (prospective) teachers to conduct classes which are attuned to cultural perspectives.

In the context of these intentions, the project aims to achieve the following:


CONNECT SUBJECTS:  KulturPLUS wishes to improve the cooperation between individual disciplines within the humanities and the related specialised didactics departments in regard to the education of (prospective) teachers.

STRENGTHEN TEACHERS:  KulturPLUS wishes to enable (prospective) teachers to develop teaching methods which are attuned to cultural perspectives and to respond to heterogeneous surroundings in a culturally sensitive manner.

ENHANCE PRACTICAL RELEVANCE:  KulturPLUS wishes to promote applied approaches in teacher education in order to support prospective teachers in developing critical-reflexive ways of dealing with teaching concepts related to culture.

RESEARCH CONCEPTS: With practical and theoretical research, KulturPLUS wishes to reflect upon skills related to culture and explore the potential which lies in the cooperation between disciplines, specialised didactics, and schools.

The projects will be realised by means of the following measures:

  • We are developing and implementing a KulturPLUS module (8 ECTS-Punkte), in which several interdisciplinary courses will be on offer each semester. In the context of this module, we have initiated and will establish an interdisciplinary KulturPLUS lecture series (Ringvorlesung), which will present a variety of approaches to cultural phenomena.
  • We are channelling further education possibilities, both existing and still to be created, in Bamberg. (Prospective) teachers can thus develop culture-related skills. 
  • We are initiating and strengthening a network of KulturPLUS partner schools. We are also developing culturally sensitive learning arrangements and intend to test acquired skills from the KulturPLUS module in practical training at schools.
  • We continue to discuss concepts of culture in regard to their relevance at schools, developing cultural education as a term close to the profile of the University of Bamberg. Additionally, we reflect upon concepts of cultural education in the context of academic qualifications.

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As part of the ‘Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung’ (Quality Campaign for Teacher Education), a joint programme by the federal government and the federal states, WegE  is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.