High-Tech Resources, Service and Individual Support

Technology connecting people

Thanks to the comprehensive modernisation of all university service processes and the expansion of information systems in recent decades, studying and working at the University of Bamberg is faster and more flexible than ever – but no less personal.

Books and Media:

A total of 1.6 million books and other physical media are available in our six university library branches, and e-books, electronic periodicals and other online resources represent 1 million additional titles. The paradigm shift towards hybrid libraries is therefore not merely a vision of the future, but a current reality.

Far beyond simply making these media available, the university library has simultaneously broadened its services to include the development and transfer of skills required for the effective and efficient use of information resources.

The university archives are also working to incorporate their valuable collections of materials dating from as far back as the 16th century into these modern information structures and to make them easily accessible in a highly networked research environment. This means that materials like digital versions of hand-written documents and records pertaining to university history, as well as a dynamic catalogue of professors, will all be equally accessible online.

University Archives

University Library

The Internet and Information Technology:

2.000 computer-equipped workstations and 800 laptops are available to university employees. 11.000 high-speed network connections make it possible to transmit 1 gigabit of data per second. The university is currently connected to the German academic network at 2 times 3 gigabits per second.

Materials required for lectures and seminars can be accessed on the university's e-learning platform, the Virtual Campus (VC). Students can also work in Branch Library 4 and the ERBA Library during the night by gaining entry using their student chip card.

Thanks to eduroam, our students and staff can establish wireless connections to the internet at a great many universities and research institutions worldwide. Each day, up to 5.000 students and staff log in using one of the university’s nearly 350 wireless access points. And some of our scholars are already publishing their articles and books as "open access" documents, meaning that the global community can access these works online and free of charge.

This modern IT infrastructure and other innovations like numerous online services and a personalised chip card that functions not only as student identification and university library card, but also as a semester ticket for public transport and a method of payment at the university all save a great deal of time - time that we invest in all aspects of individual advisory services and resources handled by the Student Service Centre. The centre, in which all student services departments are located under one roof, began operations in 2013. At the University of Bamberg, the individual is our top priority.

University IT Service (previously Computung Centre)

Virtual Campus (in German)