Academic Support and Real-World Education

Time spent pursuing a university degree is a special phase in a person’s life. This is why our instructors not only give seminars, but also mentor and assist students throughout their studies and encourage them to challenge themselves both at the university and beyond. We are truly committed to the ideal of comprehensive education. This approach stems from our sense of tradition and our historical roots – and it couldn’t be more contemporary.

Comprehensive education, as we understand it

It is our belief that an outstanding university education is defined by qualification programmes and opportunities that motivate and inspire students to individually pursue their interests. For this reason, students in our nearly 80 accredited bachelor’s, master’s and teaching degree programmes are encouraged to work as independently as possible. The application of theoretical knowledge to practical experience is ensured by curricula featuring practice-based seminars, training courses and degree-related internships. And with our Career Days event, we provide students in all fields with an early opportunity to explore post-university career prospects.

Comprehensive education, as we understand it, takes time. Our flexible course offering allows for  individual freedom and is our answer to changing living conditions and increasingly flexible life and career paths. Nearly every degree offered in Bamberg can be pursued part-time. Our multi-subject bachelor’s programmes invite students to explore myriad subject combinations and to create an academic profile based on individual interests.

Study Programmes at the University of Bamberg

International Degree Programmes at the University of Bamberg

A Place of Experience and Discovery

Furthermore, we provide an environment in which the humanistic notion of man's place in the world can be experienced and explored holistically. This is exemplified by numerous literary readings, concerts, theatre productions and art exhibits, and by the university’s poetics professorship which was created in 1986.

We feel a responsibility to encourage our students to play an active role in moulding both their own living environments and the broader society. Opportunities are provided by our university clubs and organisations dedicated to social, political, journalistic or religious involvement, and by our numerous student committees, societies and working groups.

Poetics Professorship Website (in German)

Student Clubs, Councils and Organisations (in German)