A Commitment to Social Responsibility

The University of Bamberg in the Currents of Time

The mandate to diligently and dutifully address and engage "the intellectual currents of the day" was laid down for us in the university's foundational charter of 1647.

The social responsibility implied in this philosophy has characterised our self-conception throughout the years and is expressed today in our family-friendly working structures, our commitment to equal opportunity and in a course offering that is carefullytailored to ever-changing, ever more diverse academic developments and the increasing demands placed on continuing education.

Establishing and maintaining values like comprehensive equal opportunity and sustainable family-friendly policies for employees and students demands a great deal of effort, but we are happy to put in the time to make them a reality. Our commitment to family issues has been rewarded since 2005 with certification as a family-friendly university. The initial steps towards this distinction were a series of structural improvements including the deregulation of core working hours, the expansion of childcare availability, and the establishment of the Family Services Office.

Family-Friendly University

Family Services Office (in German)

Increasing Flexibility

The most recent re-certifi cations in 2012 and 2015 acknowledge not only the ways that increasingly flexible studies benefit lifelong learning, but also efforts towards contact networks and re-entry programmes, and a focus on the topic of elder care. A further milestone on the path to fulfilling our centuries-old commitment is represented by the establishment of the KinderVilla, a facility which provides day care and kindergarten education for the children of both university students and staff. Beginning in 2017, this offering has been rounded out by a large-scale day care facility located at the ERBA.

Part-time Studies (in German)

Modular Studies (in German)

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Special programmes for refugees

One group to whom we feel an ever greater responsibility is people with a migration background: many of the displaced arrive in Germany with good qualifications for university studies here. For this reason, the University of Bamberg has created special programmes and an advisory service for refugees interested in pursuing a degree. The economist Herbert Brückner has predicted that integration will pose the greatest challenge in coming years, and our university is doing its best to meet that challenge.

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