Research and Publish

Be it journal articles, dissertations, conference volumes.. - the University Library will support you in publishing the results of your research at the Current Research Information System (FIS), at University of Bamberg Press and elsewhere.

Open Access

Open Access means that scientific publications are freely and publically made available on the internet, where they can be used, copied, disseminated, and cited without any limitations, as long it is clearly referenced.

The Otto-Friedrich-University supports Open Access. Hence all the publications of the University of Bamberg Press are open access. Journal articles that are published as open access documents <link ub open-access-publizieren uebernahme-von-publikationsgebuehren-aus-dem-open-access-fonds intern>can be funded.

University of Bamberg Press

The University's own publisher, i.e. the University of Bamberg Press, publishes works of members of the University of Bamberg. Papers are primarily published online, but also in print. We aim at publishing your papers fast and in a cost-effective way to safeguard the scientific performance of Bamberg University visibly and in a sustainable fashion.

FIS: Institutional Repository and University Bibliography

The Current Research Information System FIS, lists the publications of the members of the Otto-Friedrich-Universität-Bamberg and links them to projects and institutions.

Members of the university can use the FIS:

  •   to publish documents Open Access - if legally possible (publication server or institutional repository)
  •   to register publications (University bibliography)

If certain requirements are fulfilled, final papers can be published on FIS as well..

Research Data

The handling of research data as an important part of good scientific practice can be found in these recommendations.