How do I find literature relevant for my topic

Before you start with the literature search, formulate your topic as precisely as possible. Which keywords describe your topics the most exact? Which aspects should the topic deal with (political, economic, historical…)?

Search for literature in the Bamberg Catalogue

The Bamberg Catalogue, our online catalogue, can not only be reached day and night but also from anywhere in the world.

You can search specifically for a book or literature to a given subject.

This is how it works:

  • You’ll find the “Bamberg Catalogue” on our website.
  • Choose the branch library you want to pick up your ordered books from.
  • Type in one or more search terms.
  • You’ll receive a hit list.
  • A click on the individual titles will lead you to more details about the book. You can, for example, see in which branch library the book is located and if you can borrow or order it.
  • In order to search for journal articles or digital resources, click on the tab “articles and more” in the hit list of the catalogue. Your query will be extended with data from quality-checked databases and online sources.