The University Library digitizes media from its holdings according to the copyright regulations.

Electronic Reserves

Due to copyright laws is the University allowed to publish articles and small parts of a copyright work for lectures in the Virtual Campus (VC).

We do offer an additional digitization service for works from the University Library holdings: We scan all the documents needed for the lecture and provide them on the Virtual Campus. More information and order possibility.

Digitisation service

Digital reading room

The University Library digitizes books with a strong demand from its holdings and makes them available at the PCs in each branch library.

The digital copies are listed in the Bamberg Catalogue and can be accessed from there. An access from outside of the branch libraries is not possible due to legal reasons. Read more on copyright regulations for the digital reading room.

Digitization for visually impaired students

The University Library can produce digital copies for visually impaired students upon request. The legal basis therefore is §45a UrhG. Please contact digitalisierung.ub(at)uni-bamberg.de.

Scan possibilities in the branch libraries

You are welcome to digitize templates up to DIN A2 format in our branch libraries. Please bring along an own USB stick. Overview about digitization possibilities.