Electronic term reserve list

We digitise journal articles and small portions of copyrighted material of the holdings of the University Library that you require for your electronic term reserve list, and make them available to you on the virtual campus (VC).


The advantages of an electronic term list are obvious: Your students can access the digitised texts anytime from anywhere. Lecturers are spared the time-consuming work of creating a reader and students won't need to waste time copying the resources that are needed for their classes.

This is how our digitisation service works

  1. Please type your digitalisation requests into the VC course form ("Bestellformulare der UB"). If you encounter any problems, please email us at digitalisierung.ub@uni-bamberg.de and remember to tell us the name of your term reserve list.
  2. You can always track the status of your digitisation order by checking the “Bestellformulare der UB” (order form) online at the virtual campus.
  3. You will receive an email when your texts have been scanned. Please copy them from the VC course "Electronic term reserve list" ("Elektronische Semesterapparate") over into your own VC course.

Of course, you may continue to use the scanners in the branch libraries to digitise journal articles and small portions of copyrighted materials yourself.

Legal Basis

The legal basis for this approach is Section 60a of the German Copyright Act. It must be ensured that only course participants can access copyrighted documents and that it is only small portions of literature or individual journal articles. For more information click here.

Books that are protected by copyright in their entirety must not be made available on the VC. However, they can be made available in the branch libraries (in the "Electronic Reading Room").