Reference management under OS X and Linux

Citavi Desktop is a Windows only application that you can also use in the PC pools and reading rooms or on a virtual personal computer.

Citavi Web and alternatives

Since October 2021, the campus licence of the University of Bamberg also includes the operating system-independent Citavi Web. However, there are currently still problems with the activation of the campus licence and with the integration of Citavi Web into MS Word, so we still recommend Mac and Linux users to use open source literature management programmes such as Zotero.

Click here for an overview of various reference management programmes with their pros and cons.

In our class entitled "Web-based Reference Management" (Webbasierte Literaturverwaltung), we provide an introduction to Zotero.

In our class with the Fachschaft WIAI entitled "Reference Management with LaTeX" (Literaturverwaltung mit Latex), we provide an introduction to JabRef.