Exporting and Importing data in EndNote, RIS, and BibTeX format

Many databases allow you to export the search result list to Citavi in one of the standard formats such as EndNote, RIS or BibTex.

Citavi will recognize these formats automatically and you can open the exported files in the download dialog of your browser. Using the import assistant, you will then simply transfer those files into your Citavi project.

Exporting and importing data using special import filters

Some databases (e.g. BDSL, BLLDB, IMB) do not use standard export formats. Instead, they generate text files, xml files, etc. For such exports, Citavi makes special import filters available.
If you click on "References" in the Citavi menu bar and then select "Import/Text File (RIS, BibTeX, etc.)", Citavi will show you a list of all available import filters. When you highlight an import filter, you will see a detailed description in the window on the right-hand side which will explain how to export the data from the respective databases so that you can import it into Citavi using this filter.

The list of import filter can be expanded and edited by clicking on "Add import filter".


You will find further guides for exporting text from individual databases in the various online tutorials.