Citavi: Classes and Support

Please click here for a Quick Guide to Citavi. The 4-page PDF will give you an overview.

Citavi classes at the University Library

In our Citavi classes, we will show you the basic functions of the programme in about two hours. You can practice and we will take the time to answer your questions.

Support and video tutorials

On the Citavi Support page, you will find a comprehensive guide book and a well-managed forum with a FAQ list.

Citavi offers video tutorials in both German and English.

For individual questions, you are welcome to ask the Citavi team at the University Library. Simply email us at literaturverwaltung.ub(at)

Citavi helpdesk

The University Library offers support to students and staff who have already worked with Citavi. We answer individual questions and help solve problems.

For example, we can help you

  • create your own citation style,
  • include more complex literature titles and additional information,
  • import and export literature in Citavi, in some special cases, and
  • optimise your knowledge organisation.