Tips for accessing e-journals

Currently, most publishers control access to licenced online offers by checking the IP address of the computer which is being used. If you are using a computer within the Bamberg University network or a comparable access from an external one, you will generally only need to click on the magazine title in the electronic magazine library (EZB) to access it.

If the publisher requires a password that usually means that the Bamberg University Library does not have a licence for such data. However, only a select few licences require require passwords (see below). If you see a notification to that effect in the EZB, you will find the passwords at this link here.

Please note that for many magazines there are multiple entries in the EZB if different providers cover different periods of time.

Personal registration: Publisher websites such as Sciencedirect and SpringerLink or providers such as Inenta and Metapress also offer registration to individuals so they can set up customised search profiles or email notifications about newly published editions. Pay per view for non-licenced full texts is generally only possible after an individual has registered!

Please note the editor's terms of use. For offers that are not free of charge, the following points apply:

  • Only members of a given university have access to full texts;
  • Full texts of articles may only be printed or saved for personal use and for research purposes;
  • Articles must not be passed on to third parties, either electronically or in print.

If you have questions about or trouble accessing a database, please contact our magazine office on Level 1 at Branch Library 3: Phone (0951) 863-1528, ezadmin.ub(at)

National licences

The "National Licences" project, which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), makes several magazine archives available. You can pull up the archives as databases in the Database Information System (DBIS). Alternatively, you can call up individual titles in the Electronic Magazine Library (EZB). For more information, click here.