SFX: From searching for literature to accessing a document

In many subject-specific databases and national catalogues, you will find references but no direct links to the full text. With the SFX link service which is supported by many databases, you can quickly verify whether or not a given text is available at the Bamberg University Library. To do so, click on the SFX button in your result list. A new window will pop up where you'll see a number of options, depending on the availability of the text.

Some of the following options may be listed:

  • Electronic full text, an abstract or the table of content, if available within the Bamberg University network;
  • Search the Online Catalogue;
  • Search the Catalogue of the Library Association of Bavaria (Gateway Bayern);
  • Links to interlibrary loan
  • Link to the Electronic Magazine Library (EZB), in the case of freely accessible, non-licenced magazines.

By clicking on the red symbol, you can pull up individual links. Your search details will be carried over automatically by the respective system.