Online access

In addition to printed publications, the University also makes a vast range of databases, electronic books, and magazines as well as digital documents available to its users.


Databases contain literature (mostly articles in magazine) independent of the holdings of the University Library. Information about and access to the individual databases can be found in the DBIS database information system. DBIS database information system.

E-books und e-journals

The University Library also offers many electronic versions of books and scientific journals. They are made available 24/7 via the Online Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDFs.

Online newspaper archives

The University Library provides access to the online archives of important German and foreign daily and weekly newspapers.

Digital images

We digitise literature for individual lectures which is made available to the participants of the respective classes via the virtual campus. In addition, we also digitise books in our holdings that are highly sought after. You will find those digital files in the Online Catalogue.

National licences

The German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) sponsors national licences for a number of online publications in an endeavour to provide researchers, students, and scientifically inclined private persons with access to databases, digital text collections, electronic magazines, and ebooks.

In order to use our digital range of resources on a computer outside of the university network, you will need to set up a VPN connection.

(Library-made digital images that are protected by copyright are the exception to the rule. Those can only be read on the public PCs of the Branch Libraries.)