Checking out items

By registering, you accept the checkout conditions. You are obligated to handle books carefully and to replace items that you damaged; you are not allowed to pass on items that you have borrowed to third parties.

Together with the Bamberg State and the Seminary Libraries, the University Library forms a library network.

Checkout process

In order to borrow items, you will need your Library Card. You cannot check out items without it.

  • As for open access shelves at the Branch Library, you may collect the books from the shelves yourself. You may check out books at the Help Desk or use a self-service machine in Branch Libraries 2 and 5 and in the ERBA Library. For unbound magazines you will need to fill in a borrower slip.
  • Stack room and open access shelves of other Branch Libraries: Please order these items via the Online Catalogue to "your" Branch Library.
    As library employees collect these items from the shelf, you cannot pick them up immediately after placing the order, but usually the next day. Items requested on Friday can be picked up on Monday.
  • Locally available media ("Handapparate") are not checked out through the regular system. Please contact the respective Chair/ Faculty directly. (To see the location overview, please click on the "Wegweiser" signposts in the Online Catalogue.)

The period of time in which media from the stack room or other branch libraries as well as requested books or interlibrary loan items are made available to pick up is 7 workdays (workdays are from Monday to Saturday).

Email notifications

If you leave your email address with the Library, you will be notified:

  • when books you have requested have arrived;
  • when the loan period of books you have checked out comes to an end and you should think about returning the item or about getting an extension;
  • when books or copies you requested via interlibrary loan are available for pick-up;
  • when an interlibrary loan was denied, e.g. because the book or essay you requested is available in Bamberg.

No responsibility can be taken for the correctness of the email notifications.

Lendable stacks

You can see whether an item can be checked out or not by looking at the first part of the call number. You can borrow the following items:

  • Open access shelves resources that are marked accordingly (Location Code ends in -1; items have a white or blue label);
  • Textbook collections (Location Code ends in -3; yellow label);
  • Almost the entire repository (Location Code ends in -0).

Loan Periods

ItemsLocation codeLoan period
TB 1TB 2TB 3TB 4TB 5ERBACentral Library
Monographs (open access shelves)11213141516102, 0724 staffed days, items can be renewed 4 times
Textbooks (open access shelves)132333435363 24 staffed days, items can be renewed 4 times
Monographs (repository)1020304050600024 staffed days, items can be renewed 4 times
Journals (repository)102030405060006 staffed days, items can be renewed 4 times
Special stock (repository)19293949596909Reading room only
Präsenzbestand152535 5565 Checking out items for copying purposes, overnight or over the weekend
Reference collection   45   6 staffed days, loan period cannot be renewed
Information collections ("exclusive reference collections")152535455565 Reading room only
Schoolbook collection (can be checked out) 24     24 staffed days, items can be renewed 4 times
Schoolbook collection (reference collection) 26     Checking out items for copying purposes, overnight or over the weekend
Media (DVDs etc, open access shelves)   47 67 24 staffed days, items can be renewed 4 times
Media (DVDs etc, repository)182838485868 Only some items can be checked out; loan periods differ
Games  032042   6 staffed days, items can be renewed 4 times
Locally available items ("Handapparate"), special stocks, holdings of other librariesThree-digit Location codePlease refer to the Online Catalogue

If an item has been requested by another user before you check it out, the loan period is shorter for you. It is therefore absolutely necessary for you to read the check-out receipt.

Reference collections

The reference collection can only be used in the halls of the Library. This includes basic lexica, loose-leaf editions, and periodicals but also sourcebooks and text editions as well as frequently used course and research literature.

Large sections of the reference collection (Location Code ends in -5; red back label) can be checked out overnight and over the weekend. One exception to that rule is primary literature in Branch Library 4 which can be checked out for one week.

Exclusive reference collections (i.e. "Information collections") includes, for example, loose-leaf collections and significant reference books. Those cannot be checked out overnight or over the weekend.

Short-term loan

Large sections of the reference collection can be checked out for a short period of time.

 Branch Libraries 1-5ERBA Library

For copying purposes

one hour


Monday - Thursday: from 17:00 to 10:00 the next day

Over the weekend

Friday: from 17:00 to Monday, 10:00

Friday: from 12:00 to Monday, 10:00

Unbound magazines and information collections of Branch Library 4 can only be borrowed for copying purposes. Loose-leaf collections cannot be checked out at all.

We will communicate any changes with regard to loan periods, for example over the Christmas period, on our website; please check the opening hours page.