About us

The mission of the Bamberg University Library is to ensure that researchers, lecturers, and students are provided with the literature and information they need. Furthermore, the Library is open to anyone else for scientific and professional purposes as well as for vocational training and further education.

As a central body, University Library houses the University's entire book and media holdings. It makes digital resources available online and digitises documents in its holdings in accordance with copyright laws.

The University Library supports its users in their literature and information search and passes on information competency in classes and training sessions. This includes working with schools in the city and surrounding areas. The Library makes carrels and workrooms available and organises events and exhibitions.

The University Library endeavours to continually improve its offers and services to accommodate students, lecturers, and researchers alike. We always welcome suggestions and acquisition reports.

What has the University Library got to offer? (Stats as of 31 Dec. 2017)

  • 1,628,838 volumes or media items
  • 898,992 licenced and freely accessible e-books
  • 1,218 print journal subscriptions
  • 48,356 licenced electronic journals
  • 884 licenced databases (accessible via the Database Information System DBIS)

In 2017, the University Library conducted 941 Courses and Tutorials: University Libraryguided tours, trainings and classes for 8,047 participants.