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Trimberg Research Academy - TRAc

About TRAc: Statutes, Bodies and People


According to its statutes (available in German only), the Trimberg Research Academy’s bodies consist of the head of institution and the Advisory Board. TRAc is headed by the Vice President for Research, while a professorial member of the Advisory Board acts as the deputy head.



Head of Institution
Prof Dr Maike Andresen

Deputy Head
Prof Dr Dr Dietrich Dörner

Chairman of the Advisory Board
Prof Dr Jörn Glasenapp

Members of the Advisory Board
Prof Dr Andrea Bartl; Prof Dr Ingrid Bennewitz (Deputy: Prof Dr Lale Behzadi); Prof Dr Rita Braches-Chyrek; Prof Dr Claus-Christian Carbon; Prof Dr Dr Dietrich Dörner; Prof Dr Brigitte Eierle; Prof Dr Patrick Franke (Deputy: Prof Dr Lale Behzadi); Prof Dr Jörn Glasenapp; Prof Dr Geoffrey Haig (Deputy: Prof Dr Hans-Ingo Radatz); Prof Dr Iris Hermann; Prof Dr Björn Ivens (Deputy: Prof Dr Alexander Pflaum); Prof Dr Stefan Lautenbacher; Dr Dr Peter Riedlberger; Prof Dr Thomas Saalfeld (Deputy: Prof Dr Cornelia Kristen); Prof Dr Annette Scheunpflug; Dr. Ebrahim Talaee; Prof Dr Klaus van Eickels (Deputy: Prof Dr Mark Häberlein); Prof Dr Guido Wirtz

Dr Stefan Schlelein

Scientific Career Service
Dr Marion Hacke

Coordination "IPID4all"
Simone Treiber

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