Registration for the examination in Summer Semester 2021

Dear Students,

We wish to draw your attention to the registration and deregistration periods for this semester's examinations at the Software Technologies Research Group, which apply to all modules except for SWT-FSE-B, SWT-CPS-M and SWT-SEM-B/M:

  • Registration and deregistration period: Mon 12th April 2021 to Sun 2nd May 2021

For the modules SWT-FSE-B and SWT-CPS-M, the dates are set and communicated by the University’s Examinations Office. For the modules SWT-SEM-B and SWT-SEM-M, the dates are Mon 21st June 2021 to Sun 11th July 2021.

All registrations and deregistrations have to be carried out via the electronic examination administration system FlexNow.

Best regards,
Team SWT