Registration for Decentralised Examinations

Registration Deadlines for Winter Semester 2020/21 Course Examinations (proof of credit) in the Humanities and Human Sciences and Education Faculties via FlexNow

Registration: 8 December 2020 (10 a.m.) until 23 December 2020 (11:59 p.m.)

Deregistration: 8 December 2020 (10 a.m.) until 17 January 2021 (11:59 p.m.)

These deadlines may differ for some academic units for procedural reasons. You can find out the exact deadlines from by contacting the respective unit secretary. 

Registration Deadlines for Course Examinations (proof of credit) in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business Administration and the Faculty of Information Systems and Applied Computer Science via FlexNow

These deadlines are set by individual academic units. Please contact these units’ representatives for more information.


Alternative Registration Deadlines are Available at: