• printed online application: filled out and signed
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • School-leaving certificate and list of individual grades (= university entrance qualification) including German or English translation as officially certified copy
  • University entrance examination (only some countries) or further proof of the requirements for university admission including German or English translation as an officially certified copy
  • University certificates and list of individual grades including German or English translation as officially certified copy
  • Proof of German language skills as an officially certified copy (exception: English-language degree programs). A degree in German studies does not count as proof of German language skills!
  • If applicable, proof of name change (e.g. marriage) as officially certified copy including translation
  • Simple copy of identity card or passport
  • Proof of scholarship (DAAD, BAYHOST), if available (single copy)
  • Power of attorney if someone is to represent you in the application process

In order to take up studies with German as the language of instruction at the University of Bamberg, you need proof of German language skills at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) for most Master's programs. Please note that admission with a lower level is only possible with a condition for the Master's program 'Cultural Studies of the Near East'!

** In the study programs for which the C2 level must be proven, provisional enrollment is granted upon presentation of proof at the C1 level with the condition that the module "German as a Foreign Language for International German Studies Students C2" (12 ECTS, module sub-examinations: portfolio and oral examination) in accordance with the examination regulations for language practice modules of the Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg or equivalent proof of language proficiency at the C2 level must be proven by the end of the second semester at the latest.

If you would like to learn German at the University of Bamberg, it is possible to attend a DSH semester course. For more information, please contact the International Office.

Without German language skills you can only apply for some of our International Study Programs:

If you would like to learn German at the University of Bamberg, there is the possibility to attend a DSH semester course. For more information, please contact the International Office.

The following certificates are recognized as proof of level B2 CEFR:

  • German Language Examination for University Admission with an overall result of DSH-1.
  • Goethe Certificate B2
  • Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache (TestDaF) with level 3 in all sub-skills; here the 4 individual subjects must be passed in one examination date
  • telc German B2 University
  • ÖSD Certificate B2

German studies do not count as proof of German language skills!

Master's programs that require German language skills at the DSH-2 level:

  • Psychologie
  • Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie

German language skills on the DSH-2 level can also be proven by one of the following certificates:

  • DSH-2
  • Goethe Certificate C1
  • TestDaF level 4 or 5 in all four examination parts
  • German Language Diploma Level II
  •  telc German C1 University
  • ÖDS Certificate C1

Master's programs that require German language skills at the DSH-3 level:

  • Deutsche Sprachwissenschaft
  • Germanistik
  • Neuere deutsche Literatur:Geschichte, Gegenwart, Vermittlung
  • Joint Master's Degree Deutsche Philologie des Mittelalters und der Frühen Neuzeit

German language proficiency at the DSH-3 level can also be demonstrated by one of the following certificates:

  •  DHS-3
  • Goethe Certificate C2


Further information:

DSH examination regulations of the University of Bamberg

Resolution of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs on proof of German language skills

German Language Proficiency for University Admission (KMK)


Depending on the Master's program, other documents may be required.

Please refer to the third or fourth page of your "Application for Access" for the specific documents.

These documents can be, for example:

  •  Evidence of further foreign language skills, e.g. through IELTS, TOEFL certificates.
  •  Evidence of certain further knowledge or academic achievements relevant for access to the Master's program, e.g. methodological skills
  •  Internship or work references
  •  Letter of motivation

Country-specific features

China: APS certificate of the Beijing Academic Testing Center in the original

Georgia: Certificates must be provided with an apostille

India: APS certificate of the Academic Evaluation Center in the original if available.

Iran: Certificates must be presented as copies certified by the German Embassy in Tehran. Presentation of legalized copies may be necessary in individual cases and will be communicated by the Registrar's Office.

Mongolia: APS certificate of the Academic Examination Office Ulan Bator in the original

Vietnam: Original APS certificate from the Hanoi Academic Evaluation Center.

Official certifications are available in Germany from authorities that are authorized to use an official seal, e.g. the residents' registration offices of municipal and city administrations and notary's offices.

Not sufficient are, for example, certifications from lawyers, student institutions, savings banks and health insurance companies.

Abroad, copies of certificates can also be officially certified at the offices listed above or at German embassies or consulates.

The official certification must contain at least:

  1. A note certifying that the copy/transcript matches the original (certification note).
  2. Signature of the certifier
  3. The imprint of the official seal. An official seal usually contains an emblem. A simple hand stamp is not sufficient.

If the copy/transcript consists of several individual sheets, it must be proven that each page originates from the same document. It is sufficient if only one page bears the certification mark and signature, provided that all sheets are overstamped (e.g., in a scale-like manner) so that part of the official seal impression appears on each page.

Of course, each page can also be certified separately. In this case, however, make sure that your name appears on each page of the original. If it does not appear everywhere, it must be included in the certification endorsements, along with an indication of the type of document.

If there is a copy on both the front and back of a sheet and the contents of both pages are important, the certification endorsement must refer to both the front and back (e.g., "This certifies that the front/back copy is the same as the original"). If this is not the case, the front and back must be certified separately.

Please note that officially certified copies can only be made from an original. Copies made and certified from officially certified copies cannot be considered.

Important: If the certification does not meet the above requirements, the Office of Student Affairs will not recognize the document. Unfortunately, even simple copies cannot be recognized.

After the formal check, your documents will be scanned into our system and then destroyed!

Translation information

No translation is required for documents in English and French.

For all other documents, an officially certified translation by a state-sworn (i.e. registered with the court) translator in German is required.

A list of publicly appointed and sworn translators in Bavaria can be found, for example, on the following website www.justiz.bayern.de/service/dolmetscher-und-uebersetzer/.

Important notice: The information below pertains only to master’s degree programme applicants who are NOT citizens of an EU or EEA country.

Applicants from other countries

Necessary documents for applying for a master's degree

Mandatory documents

  1. Application form: printed out and signed
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. Higher education entry qualification (certified copy needed)
  4. University entry exam (China, Colombia, Iran, Korea, Turkey only; certified copy needed)
  5. Final/provisional degree certificate & complete Transcript of Records (certified copies needed). Please note that at least a provisional certificate must be provided for the application.
  6. German Language certificate B2 GER CEFR (certified copy needed)
  1. If applicable: change of name (certified copy needed)
  2. Passport copy
  3. Scholarship (DAAD, BAYHOST)
  4. Letter of attorney, if someone does the application process on your behalf

Addtional documents

Some masters' degrees require addtional documents, for example:

  • English language certificate (for International Masters' degrees) such as IELTS, TOEFL or UNIcert C2
  • Proof of specific academic knowledge, for example courses in statistics
  • Letter of recommendation (For Double Master's degree in Political Science only!)
  • Working experience
  • Letter of motivation

Find information at the end of the application form.

Please note:

  • Please make sure your documents have the needed certifications
  • Documents in other languages than German or English must be translated! 

Special requirements for specific countries

  • China: Original APS Certificate from the Academic Testing Centre in Beijing.
  • Georgia: All transcripts must bear an official apostille.
  • Indien: Original APS Certificate from the Academic Testing Centre if available
  • Iran: Copies of transcripts officially authenticated by the German embassy in Tehran. A legalization can be necessary, if demanded by the academic registrar.
  • Mongolia: Original APS Certificate from the Academic Testing Centre in Ulan Bator.
  • Vietnam: Original APS Certificate from the Academic Testing Centre in Hanoi.