Current FlexNow Dates and Deadlines

Changes to examinations

In order to ensure that all eligible students can register for their examinations, please inform us as early as possible of the necessary change requests or module allocations (degree programme, module names and module examination segment), which are defined via the catalogue in FlexNow.  

In the case of changes or new centrally organised examinations, please also inform us of the examination’s name, type and duration.

These must be submitted by 15 June for the winter semester and by 15 December for the summer semester. After this deadline, we cannot guarantee a timely entry into FlexNow. If your registration for course examinations takes place before the proposed dates, please also notify us of your changes earlier.

Please only send us your changes! Contact: flexnow(at) .

Für academic units in the SoWi and WiAi faculties: If you need new catalogues, please first contact the secretary of the Dean's Office responsible for your case.

Current Deadline for Submitting Result Lists for Course Examinations in the GuK and HuWi Faculties to the Office of Examinations

Lists of examination results for the summer semester should be received by the Office of Examinations no later than 1 October.

Lists of examination results for the winter semester should be received by the Office of Examinations no later than 1 May.

The deadline was set at 4 weeks before the start of registration, as it has unfortunately become apparent that a large number of queries are necessary in order to ensure accurate entries. Unfortunately, the Office of Examinations is not in a position to make the changes necessesary to record incomplete and incorrect lists.