Dr. Wilfred Uunk

Room: F21/00.17d

Phone: +49 (0)951/863-3145
E-mail: wilfred.uunk(at)uni-bamberg.de



Curriculum Vitae

Wilfred Uunk is researcher at the chair of Chair of Sociology 1 since 11/2017. He is part of the project 'Determinants of the emergence of gender-specific patterns of competencies and decision making over the educational career in Germany’, funded by the Deutsche Forschungemeinschaft (DFG). The aim of the project is to describe and explain educational careers of men and women, from Kindergarten up to university level. Background is the higher educational achievements of women than men in younger cohorts, but still gendered educational choices (women choose more alpha, less beta). Specifically, the role of cognitive and social competencies of children, their interests and motivation, and the influence of families and teachers will be studied, as well as their dynamic interaction (e.g., is the effect of motivation on school results enhanced by parental expectations, and how is this among boys?).

The research interests of Wilfred Uunk include questions regarding social inequality (as to gender and ethnicity), life course decisions (marriage, homogamy, divorce), and contextual effects (influence of the social environment on individuals).

Please find Wilfred Uunk’s detailed CV here(385.9 KB).