University-Affiliated Institutes

Affiliated institutes are independent, research-serving bodies to which the Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts has, according to Article 129 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act, granted the status of a University of Bamberg research institution. Such an arrangement not only stresses a noteworthy bond between the institute and the university, but also underlines the commitment to academically independent research. Institutes affiliated with the University of Bamberg are:

State Institute for Family Research (ifb)

The autonomous State Institute for Family Research (ifb) is an institution of the Bavarian State Ministry of Labour and Social Order, Family and Women. In addition to previous focus areas like men in the family, reconciliation of family and work, and family education, the ifb also conducts research on the topic of family violence. The ifb is responsible for family-relevant submissions to the ifb-Report on the Family in Bavaria and also publishes the “Journal of Family Research” (Zeitschrift für Familienforschung).

european forum for migration studies (efms)

In 2003, the european forum for migration studies (efms) celebrated its tenth year as an infrastructure institute for migration research at the University of Bamberg. With socio-scientific, interdisciplinary research projects, this affiliated institute contributes to an informed discourse on migration and integration in Germany and in so doing also fosters the development of sustainable, humane migration policy. In 2003, the efms issued the federal government’s official report on migration.