Studying in Bamberg: Academic Information

Degree Programmes and Opportunities for Foreign Students: The ECTS Guide

As a visiting student interested in completing only one or two semesters – and not a complete degree – at the University of Bamberg, you are not bound to the examination and study regulations of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business Administration (or the Faculty of Information Systems and Applied Computer Science). You essentially have full freedom to select any courses that pertain to your degree at your home university, or any courses that interest you personally.

With few exceptions, it is possible to register for any course. In certain cases, the number of course participants is limited, or certain prerequisites must be met before registration. It is particularly important to be aware that it is not always possible to earn full course credit as a visiting student. A summary of available courses and credits that can be earned by foreign students is presented in the ECTS-Guide:

Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business Administration ECTS Guide

The ECTS guide provides an overview of the courses offered by for foreign exchange students. It includes detailed course descriptions and information about the courses offered in a semesters, the weekly workloas of courses, details about the course work and/or examinations which are required. Finally, it states the amount of ECTS points which you earn upon completion of a course.

These regulations do not apply to foreign students who come to Bamberg to pursue an entire bachelor’s or master’s degree. In latter cases, students must adhere to the examination and study regulations, which are binding for all regulra students.

Selecting and Attending Courses

As soon as you arrive in Bamberg, you should find out where and at what times the courses that you are interested in are held. You can find this information for the appropriate semester in the course catalogue.

The catalogue of all courses offered in a given semester at the University of Bamberg is available at

Date of course catalogue issue: at the beginning of April and October.

As changes are sometimes made on short notice, it is also important to double check course information by looking at the degree programme information boards and those of the individual academic departments, and by visiting the websites of the departments.

It is then up to you to use this up-to-date information to create your own course schedule for the semester.

It is then advisable to personally contact each professor, instructor or graduate assistant at the start of the semester. Introduce yourself and make sure that your information on required course work and course credit is accurate.

The foreign studies representative is available to answer any questions regarding your studies. For information of a general or organisational nature, please contact the International Office (

The faculty’s current foreign studies representative and ENBS coordinator is:

Prof. Dr. Matthias Muck
Chair of Banking and Financial Control
Kärntenstr. 7
D 96052 Bamberg

Assistant to the foreign studies representative of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business Administration:

Dr. Tobias Kaufmann
Zimmer KÄ7/01.32
Tel: +49 (0) 951 863 - 2096
Fax: +49 (0) 951 863 - 2092


Standard examinations periods:

Examinations are usually held at the end of the semester and prior to the start of the semester break, but be aware that the examination period can also extend for up to two months past the end of the semester.

Credits are only awarded for examinations in which students have earned a passing mark.