Foreign Studies: Academic Information

Generally Admissible Foreign Course Credit and Examinations

Examinations and course credit completed abroad can be approved and applied to degree studies in Bamberg, pursuant to the stipulations laid out in the University of Bamberg’s examination regulations. All decisions concerning the approval of such credits are made by the respective subject representative.

Naturally, the examination regulations also allow for the admission of foreign credit as it applies to subject examination segments (subject modules), provided that this has been stipulated for a specific subject.

With regard to bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes, there is generally a predetermined limit to the number of admissible ECTS credits earned abroad. Fixed amounts and limits for single subjects and modules, therefore, do not apply.

Please make sure that you have also reviewed all information provided by the examining board responsible for your degree programme.

Foreign Credit in Individual Cases

Before Going Abroad

Formally, the appropriate examining board is ultimately responsible for approving course credit earned abroad (following your return), but as far as content is concerned, it is the subject representative who decides which foreign courses and credits are admissible and may be deemed “equivalent” to those offered as part of the home curriculum. It is, therefore, advisable to contact the appropriate subject representative before you travel abroad. Prior to this meeting, it is the student’s responsibility to acquire and provide the relevant information concerning the courses he or she wishes to take abroad. Whenever possible, this information should include a course description which details the subject matter, volume (lesson hours, duration) and work required to receive credit.

You should collect materials on the university that you plan to visit either in the International Office’s library, online or directly from the institution in question. You will not always be able to find authoritative information on current courses and admission regulations, but it is possible to work with a subject representative in Bamberg to put together a tentative schedule of ideal courses based on previous students’ experiences.

You and the subject representative will then arrange a so-called "learning agreement." You should download the necessary forms from the "downloadable forms" link below.

During Your Studies Abroad

An official learning agreement ensures that the credits you have earned for the stipulated courses and examinations abroad will be approved towards your studies in Bamberg.

Alterations may be necessary during your studies abroad: intended courses may be cancelled or may not be available to you; perhaps other courses prove to be better suited to your studies. If this is the case, you must contact the appropriate subject advisor (from abroad via email, fax, telephone, post) to arrange for the necessary changes to your original learning agreement.

In order to receive credit for completed course work and examinations, you must see to it that you are issued an official “transcript of records” from the foreign university.

Back in Bamberg

There are now two formal issues to be addressed: the approval and transfer of course and examination credit earned abroad.

After returning from your stay abroad, you should obtain the appropriate “Application for Transfer of Course Credit and Examination Segments” necessary for the recognition of your work (see the “downloadable forms” link below). Have the subject representative confirm the equivalency of the completed credit. The signed application and the original foreign transcripts must then be submitted to the appropriate examining board. The board will undertake the formal approval.

The recognition and conversion of foreign assessment/marks for the official University of Bamberg transcript is undertaken solely by the examining board. The examining board passes the approved credit and the corresponding, converted marks on to the office of examinations.

You can find further detailed information concerning recognition of foreign course credit and examinations under the foreign studies heading in the individual subjects’ study guides. These are available online.

Downloadable Forms

The forms relating to your particular subject of study are available on the websites of the corresponding examination board.

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