Student Council SoWi

The Student Council is an important contact for university-specific problems for students of Social Sciences, Economics, and Business Administration.

Among other things, exams from previous semesters are also available here. "The task of the student council is to take care of the professional, economic and social interests of the students of the faculty, to stand up for their intellectual, artistic and sporting interests, as well as to maintain relations with German and foreign students. In concrete terms, this includes the organization of lectures and seminars, support in questions of housing, arranging internships, assistance in exchanging study places, and advice on formal questions (for example, BAföG) as well as in study planning." (Study Handbook, page 12)

The office of the student council is located in the

Feldkirchenstraße 21
96052 Bamberg
Student Council room in the music wing
Telefon: (0951) 863-1212
eMail: fachschaft.sowi(at)