AK Sociology

AKS (Working Group Sociology) - that is a non-political, independent student initiative that deals with all aspects of sociology studies.

The focus is on subject-related, direct information, tips and assistance, which are intended to supplement the services offered by the Academic Advisor for Sociology and the Student Council. In addition, we want to establish and maintain contact between students and lecturers as well as alumni, generally improve communication in the department and also make it easier for first-year students to start their studies.

Therefore, we not only offer the S-Tisch (regulars' table), which takes place every two weeks, but also our S-pecials: lectures, information events or discussions on current sociology-related topics. And since it is known that the best way to exchange ideas is in a casual atmosphere, the legendary S-Party takes place at least once a semester!

Of course, we do not only want to provide information, but also invite you to participate: All students who feel connected to sociology in any way - no matter if they are still diploma or already bachelor and master students, majors or minors or simply interested - and want to actively support the subject are always welcome!

Homepage of the AK Sociology (only available in German)

Questions, suggestions and wishes can be sent to info(at)ak-soziologie.de at any time!