Dr. Jonathan Latner


Dr. Jonathan Latner
Chair of Sociology, especially Methods of Empirical Social Research
University of Bamberg
Feldkirchenstrasse 21
96045 Bamberg

Tel .: + 49-951-863-2774


Room : 00.20B

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Dr. Jonathan Latner received his PhD in Sociology, with concentrations in Social Stratification and Urban Sociology, from the University of Wisconsin - Madison (2015), where he also earned a Master of Science in Sociology (2011).  Prior to that, he received a Master of Arts in Regional Economic and Social Development from the University of Massachusetts - Lowell (2009) and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Politics from Brandeis University (2002).

Prior to graduate school, he spent many years implementing and evaluating job training programs in the state of Massachusetts (USA) aimed at improving the lives of adults in, or at risk of, poverty.  The experience serves as the foundation for his research interests in social stratification and urban sociology.  Though the areas are broad, they are united by a focus on inequality, specifically long term trends in the relationship between rising economic growth and declining employment security. 

A detailed copy of his CV is here

Research interests

  • Social Stratification
    • Income inequality, mobility, and volatility
    • Work and occupations
    • Technological change
  • Urban Sociology
    • Housing
    • Racial segregation


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