Status: ongoing
Duration: 2018-2020
Researchers: Carlo Barone (PI), Carmel Blank, Jesper F. Birkelund, Vikki Boliver (PI), Jani Erola (PI), Marta Facchini, Laura Heiskala, Miriam Henninges, Estelle Herbaut, Mathieu Ichou, Kristian B. Karlson, Corinna Kleinert (PI), David Reimer (PI), Steffen Schindler (PI), Moris Triventi, Louis-André Vallet
Funding:  NORFACE

LIFETRACK analyses in six European countries how different modes of tracking or sorting of students in secondary education influence the formation of inequalities in the long run and over the life course. The project involves researchers from the Leibniz Institute of Educational Trajectories, from the Universities Copenhagen and Aarhus in Denmark, from Durham University in the UK, from the University of Turku in Finland and from Sciences Po in Paris. The project is coordinated by Prof. Schindler from the University of Bamberg.

LIFETRACK website: