Oliver Zuchowski

Oliver Zuchowski is a PhD candidate at the Department of Information Systems and Social Networks, University of Bamberg, Germany and an employee at BOSCH, Germany. His research and professional interest is on internal crowdsourcing and organizational learning. Oliver holds a Masters degree in Information Systems from the University of Mannheim, Germany.

Research Interests

  • Internal Crowdsourcing
  • Organizational Learning


  • Zuchowski, O. (2016) “Learning with the Crowd: A Field Study of Internal Crowdsourcing as a Form of Organizational Learning” in Research-in-Progress Papers of the European Conference on Information Systems, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Zuchowski, O.; Posegga, O.; Schlagwein, D.; Fischbach, K. (2016) “Internal Crowdsourcing: Conceptual Framework, Structured Review and Research Agenda,” Journal of Information Technology (JIT)