Lisa Hepp

Lisa Hepp graduated from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand with a degree in Mathematics, focusing on group theory and statistical modelling. She has been a PhD candidate and research assistant at the Department of Information Systems and Social Networks, University of Bamberg since 2014.


Lisa Hepp assists in the courses Digitale Transformation in Wirtschaft und GesellschaftSocial Media & Online Social NetworksNetzwerktheorieSNA-Kolloquium für die Erstellung von Abschlussarbeiten and supervises bachelor and master thesis. 

Research Interests

  • Medical Electronic Word of Mouth
  • Missing Data in Social Networks
  • Patient Communities in Online Social Networks
  • Social Network Analysis


  • Hepp, L. (2018). "Analyzing the Missing Data of Online Travel Reviews Published in a Large Virtual Travel Community” in SOCNET 2018 Proceedings, Erlangen, Germany