Bachelor courses

SNA-IWM-B: Information and Knowledge ManagementSummer Semester
SNA-ITSM-B: IT Service ManagementWinter Semester
SNA-SEM-B: Digital Transformation in Economy and SocietyWinter Semester
SNA-SEM-B: Gender Aspects in the Information SystemsSummer Semester
SNA-SEM-B: Social Media & Online Social Networks


Master courses

SNA-NET-M: Network TheorySummer Semester
SNA-ASN-M: Social Network AnalysisWinter Semester
SNA-SEM-M: Network Science
SNA-OSN-M: Project Online Social NetworksWinter Semester
SNA-SEM-M: Search in and with Social NetworksWinter Semester


Supplemental courses

Repetitorium Social Network AnalysisSummer Semester
Repetitorium IT Service ManagementSummer Semester
Repetitorium Network TheoryWinter Semester
Colloquium on thesis creationBoth terms
PhD SeminarBoth terms