Administration and Institutions

Service Institutions

Service Institutions

Centre for Teacher Training

The Bamberg Centre for Teacher Training was established in order to coordinate teacher training at the University of Bamberg and to promote classroom teaching research. Maintaining and improving the general framework for successful completion of the degree within the standard time as well as generally and sustainably strengthening the University of Bamberg’s teacher training programme are at the core of the centre’s activities.

Training Centre for University Teaching

The Training Centre for University Teaching (FBZHL) at the University of Bamberg offers training courses for instructors at all Bavarian universities and other institutions of higher education. In addition to the standard seminar programme, it is also possible to arrange advanced courses dealing with topics like target group-specific workshops for individual subject fields or special courses geared towards professorial staff. The FBZHL works closely with similar training centres at the other Bavarian universities, and a particularly close cooperation exists between Bamberg and the universities of Bayreuth and Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Computing Centre

The university computing centre – one of the university’s central institutions – plans, procures and operates the university’s data and language communication infrastructure. With a personal user number, one may take advantage of the extensive software capabilities made available via PC-pool computers and access the university’s data network and internet connection. PC-pools are located in the "Hochzeitshaus", at "An der Universität 5" and in the Computing Centre building.

Athletics Centre

The University of Bamberg Athletics Centre works to ensure that athletics are and remain a significant part of the university. It is home to degree programmes in sport teaching, oversees the Diplom programme’s required electives in sport, offers popular courses in university-wide athletics and supplements regular course offerings with a variety of activities and events.

Language Centre

The language centre offers philological language courses, business language courses and general language courses designed for students from all faculties. Furthermore, all courses in German as a foreign language, preparatory courses for German language examinations required of foreign students for university admission and standardized Latin and Greek examinations fall under the responsibility of the language centre.

University Archives

The University of Bamberg’s archives serve, as it were, as the cultural and historical memory of the university and the institutions representing its historic precursors. According to the Bavarian Archive Act (BayArchivG), the archives are responsible for archiving – cataloguing, evaluating, acquiring, making available and storing and maintaining – all accumulated and, due to their importance, preservation-worthy materials.

University Library

The university library serves the literary and reference needs of researchers, students and instructors at the University of Bamberg. Additionally, library resources are also available to other users from the city of Bamberg and the broader community.