Seminar Registration in FlexNow

Students must register in FlexNow for the ‘Prüfung’ (Exam) for the seminar they attended at the Department of School Education at the end of the semester. It is unnecessary to register for the ‘Teilnahme’ of a course in FlexNow at the beginning of the Semester.

Credit may only be awarded after successful exam registration in FlexNow. It is therefore irrelevant for the acquisition of ECTS-points if an exam or alternative form of examination (essay, project, etc.) is completed at the end of or during the semester. Without  registration for the seminar, your performance cannot and will not be recorded.

Registration is possible during the Human Sciences and Education (HuWi) and Humanities (GuK) departments’ term of application (Anmeldefrist). For block-seminars, registration is only possible from the beginning of the course to one week after the final class session.

Ask your fellow students for help with any registration questions. You can also find more information on the Office of Examinations website.