Structured Ph.D. Program of Professional Sciences (PoPS)

Programme Objectives and Research Focus

This inter-university doctoral programme is committed to a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary approach to research that includes not only the numerous research traditions in education and professional science, but also the complexity of subject fields, central issues and the theoretical developments and various methodological approaches to such research.

The programme aims to provide structured, inter-university support of doctoral education in the following areas of research focus:

  •  Development and evaluation research pertaining to schools and school instruction;
  • Systematic, historical and comparative educational science.

The doctoral programme’s further objectives include

  • The promotion of theoretically and empirically sophisticated research and development projects whose content and methodology are uniquely suited for application in the fields of schools and school instruction,
  • Ongoing theoretical and research-methodological development of multi-perspective research and development projects in the field of teacher training, and
  • The facilitation of in-service advancement programmes for teachers in academic careers.

Target Groups

The programme is open to uniquely qualified graduates of relevant programmes interested in working on a topics pertaining to our research focus areas. Particular emphasis is placed on targeting teachers from all types of schools.