Consulting for Postdocs and Experienced Researchers

TRAc was founded in 2009 as a service-oriented institution with a particular focus on supporting early-stage researchers. In addition to the services provided for doctoral students, it also supports scholars already holding a doctoral degree as well as experienced researchers who do not yet hold a professorship. In close cooperation with the University of Bamberg's research unit and other service-oriented institutions, the TRAc coordinator advises on important generic questions related to the continuation of your acedemic career:

  • General issues: We provide information on the general framework conditions concerning the postdoctoral period in Germany as well as on potential career pathways ("Habilitation", junior-professorship, leading an independent junior research group)
  • Third-party funding: As soon as you have obtained your doctoral degree, you will be entitled to apply for third-party funds that will allow you to finance your own postdoctoral research project. We can help you get an overview of the funding institutions and programmes which best suit your individual academic background, phase of life, and research interests.
  • Application for funding: Once you have decided which funding programme is most suitable for your purposes, we offer advice on all generic questions related to your research proposal. In close cooperation with the university's research unit, we can thus help you make the best of your research proposal.
  • Options to "locate" your project: We can help you find out whether you prefer your prospective research project to be connected directly to a certain chair at the University of Bamberg or whether you consider it more adequate to conduct your research project as an independent TRAc Project.


Dr Stefan Schlelein
An der Weberei 5
Room 04.111
96047 Bamberg